The Non-Parents’ Right To Child Custody

By Megan Tomlin, Esq.

Many grandparents want to file for visitation or custody of their grandchild, especially when the child’s parents are battling through a divorce proceeding. While many grandparents are involved in their grandchildren’s daily lives, as well as aunts, uncles and other close non-parents, the Court does not easily grant visitation rights, let alone custody, to these non-parents.

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SCWBA Membership Grows Significantly In 2015


2015 is turning out to be quite a year for new member additions to the SCWBA, as we’ve seen our roster expand beyond our expectations! Below is this year’s new member roster. A big Thank You to all members who contributed to this year’s successful growth.

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The SCWBA Remembers Barbara Mehrman

We recently lost Barbara, a long time supporter of our organization, and a dear friend to many of us. In recognition of Barbara’s dedication and support of the Suffolk County Women’s Bar, a one-time scholarship in her name will be presented to Lauren Gallo, a third-year law student at Touro Law Center, who graduated in May 2015. Ms. Gallo is a worthy recipient of this honor, sharing the same passion and commitment to women’s rights as did Barbara. Read more »

Final President’s Message For This Term

By Lisa S. Fine, Esq.

As we finally say goodbye to record breaking freezing temperatures, coupled with more snow, ice and what I can only call icy slush than I have ever experienced in Long Island, I can honestly say Welcome Spring!

The winter months were certainly a challenge, but the SCWBA events kept marching along. Our holiday party in December at the lovely Trio at Holbrook Country Club, was a great success despite the snow and icy roads causing a less than anticipated turnout. Apparently snow on the eve of our holiday party is becoming a tradition. Read more »

Leora Ardizzone Leads February CLE Event

healthinsuranceOn February 24, 2015, Leora Ardizzone, Board Member of the SCWBA, and of counsel to Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, PC presented a CLE entitled Health Law for Non-Health Lawyers; A Minefield for the Unwary.  Leora’s program focused on the practice of health law in representing health care providers in a variety of transactions including office leases, employment agreements and practice sales, among others. Read more »

Protecting Retirement Assets and
Lifestyle From Cognitive Impairment

by Henry Montag, CFP

Grignon_Seniors-LTC_Dec-2012_20126825You’ve worked hard and saved your entire life to be able to enjoy the lifestyle. However any type of an unreimbursed long term care expense, be it for a mental or physical impairment can of course completely ruin your and your spouse’s retirement plans. After the well spouse and their family gets over the mental shock, and the adjustment to what must now become the new normal, the reality of the situation begins to kick in. Read more »

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