Suffolk County Woman’s Bar Association 2017 Journal

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Suffolk County Chapter invites you to join us at our Membership Cocktail Party

Greetings from your SCWBA

We hope you are enjoying your summer.  It is time to think about renewing your membership in the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association.  Our Membership Cocktail Party is tentatively scheduled for September 13th.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience while we update our website.


SCWBA President’s Message,
November 2015

From Melissa-Negrin Weiner, Esq.

Hello everyone!!  I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful fall! As we begin to get back into the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year, I hope you are all including the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association on your calendars. We have some really exciting programs on tap for the year ahead. The board has already met to start planning. The first meeting of the new Advisory Board has already taken place as well. What a learning experience that was for me. I had the pleasure of sitting around a table with some of the greatest leaders this organization has ever seen. Listening to their stories and their history really opened my eyes to what the SCWBA is all about.

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The Confusing TRID Law:
Some Things To Be Aware Of

By Dean Hartman
tridOn October 3, 2015, as a result of the mandates imposed by Dodd-Frank, TRID (TILA RESPA Integration Disclosure) went into effect. On that fateful Monday, much of the “how the real estate finance business is done” changed. This piece is intended to give you some of the highlights. It is, in no way, everything, but instead, a solid starting point.

1) First, the current GFE (Good Faith Estimate), TIL (Truth-In-Lending) and Servicing Disclosures are being scrapped and replaced by the new LE (Loan Estimate). The new form is simpler and more logical than its predecessors. Some highlights about the new form are:

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How Divorce Impacts A Disabled Child’s SSI

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